Downloading and Reading Quick-Look Level 1 Assembled Scan Quantities

TECHNICAL NOTE: The examples in this section may rely on the user having a valid SSWIDL installation (as shown in this section) with the most recent SOT software tree installed (as shown in this section).

From the calibrated Level 1 SOT-SP spectra, estimates (rough estimates, in some instances) of quantities such as the line-of-sight and transverse field, Doppler and intensity maps, polarization levels, field azimuth, etc. can be made (see ยง3.2.13 of Lites & Ichimoto 2013). These estimates are no substitute for performing a proper spectropolarimetric inversion, as has been done to generate the Level 2 SOT-SP data, but they may be useful in some cases.

As an example, after first defining the ScanID in a variable

scanid='20140316_002851'  ;  164"x123" fast map of AR12002

we can use the commands in the following code block to download the Quick-Look Level 1 quantities for the same ScanID as in this section:


Some of these quick-look quantities are visible on this webpage, however many more (see this section) are found as tags in the stks structure after running the code block above.